About us

EN-globe is an academic blog created in 2015 and co-written by the Masters students of Aix-Marseille University who conduct their research at the Research Centre on the Anglophone World.

First redactional team (2015)
First redactional team (2015)

Its objectives are:

(a) to present the cultural diversity of the anglophone world through the students’ own research interests;

(b) to initiate a collaborative reflection on anglistique as an interdisciplinary field within French academia;

(c) to propose new, challenging ways of writing and communicating research. As young researchers working on many cultural aspects of the anglophone world, we share a wide array of methodological concerns and approaches;

Our posts offer challenging views on both historical and contemporary issues while bringing fresh and original perspectives on the anglophone world, its culture and networks.

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Research Blog of the Masters Students in Anglophone Studies (Aix-Marseille University)