About EN-Globe

EN-globe is an academic blog created in 2015 and co-written by the Masters students of Aix-Marseille University who conduct their research at the Research Centre on the Anglophone World.

First redactional team (2015)

First redactional team (2015)

Its objectives are:

(a) to present the cultural diversity of the anglophone world through the students’ own research interests;

(b) to initiate a collaborative reflection on anglistique as an interdisciplinary field within French academia;

(c) to propose new, challenging ways of writing and communicating research. As young researchers working on many cultural aspects of the anglophone world, we share a wide array of methodological concerns and approaches;

Our posts offer challenging views on both historical and contemporary issues while bringing fresh and original perspectives on the anglophone world, its culture and networks.

ISSN 2492-9816 

Editor-in-chief: Professor Anne Dunan-Page (Aix-Marseille)

Contact us:
Master Etudes Culturelles du Monde Anglophone, LERMA (UR 853) Maison de la Recherche, UFR ALLSH
29 avenue Robert Schuman
13261 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 1

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2023 redactional team (left to right): Sarah Collen (head editor), Ninon Pau (editor & iconography), Maéva Rabah (assistant editor), Klaudia Porucka (assistant editor), Augustin Bois (assistant editor), Océane Lopez (communication & photography).





2022 redactional team (left to right): Cécile Taddei (editor), Enzo Cantinelli (editor), Klaudia Kopiasz (head editor), Alice Foulquier (webmaster), Farrah Guettaf (iconography).

2021 redactional team (left to right): Imane Farsi (editor), Aurélia Gaignard (head editor), Lucie Brillet (editor & communication manager), Julie Verstavel (iconography)

Editorial team 2021 – Design : Julie Verstavel

2019 redactional team (left to right)Florence Caravano (webmaster & iconograpy), Alice Balique (editor), Alix Cunin (head editor), Marion Bruguières (editor), Fabien Siles (communication manager).

2018 redactional team (left to right)Pierre-Louis Pietri (head editor), Deborah Halifa (editor), Tristan Audoubert (editor), Mohamed Lamine Mariko (communication), Louise Bigache (webmaster), Marine Savard-Chambard (iconography).

2017 redactional team (left to right)Nicolas Locks (head editor), Jeremy Veloso (editor), Benjamin Revol (assistant editor), Julia Bongiorno (assistant editor), Colin Harris (assistant editor), Claire Schiano (communication), Simon Pasquini (webmaster), Emmanuelle Bontemps (iconography).

Editorial team ENglobe 2017 banner


2016 redactional team (left to right): Lévana Eckert (editor), Mounir Tairi (editor), Heidi Fausel (assistant editor), Florent Da Sylva (assistant editor), Romain Bosson (assistant editor), Quentin Richard (communication), Charlotte Khemiri (iconography), Valentine Angelelli (webmaster).

Bandeau crédits

2015 redactional team (left to right): Elodie Galiana-Camarena (editor and iconography), Michael Stricof (webmaster,  Wordpress), Flora Roselier (assistant editor), Valentine Oliviero (assistant editor), Salomé Boucher (communication), Nora Menicucci (editor).

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