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Mixing Asian and English studies: is that possible?

Even though it is not mandatory, the best way to achieve a satisfying piece of work is to find a subject that is both motivating for the student and relevant for a master’s thesis. However, one needs to be careful not to be carried away by their affinity with their subject, since it can also be a trap. Emotions can influence one’s work and as a result a student may end up lacking objectivity. Nonetheless, combining various hobbies or even aspects in one’s paper remains a possibility: the key is to find the proper way to link them together, although sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. Read more!

How Did Charles Burton Barber Showcase Victorian Identity Through His Paintings?

The 19th century, often remembered as the Victorian Era, is known for the drastic changes that took place in British society. With the industrial revolution, the ancestral feudal system had been shattered and new classes emerged. The new and increasingly powerful working and middle classes wanted to climb the social ladder of a very hierarchical society in order to share the same values and lifestyles than the upper-classes. These aspirational ideals inspired many artists who started to paint traditional images of Victorian life. Read more!

Brussels Book Fair

The Brussels Book Fair that took place from 9th to 13th of March 2017 is one of the major national events for French-speaking publishing houses. For visitors, it is a unique chance to buy all kinds of books in the same place: everything from the classics to children’s literature including crime novel, romance and detective novels, comics or even specialized works on architecture, photography or translation. Visitors also have the chance to participate in seminars on various topics: creative writing workshops, conferences on the book industry, the role of France within the E.U., the role of women within children’s literature etc. Yet more importantly, this book fair is a unique chance for editors and publishing houses to make a name for themselves. Read more!

Student Crisis: Anxiety

One of the many challenges facing a student is to try and handle anxiety. Everyone will be subjected to anxiety at least once in their life, and it can be a terrible experience. Anxiety stems from a wide variety of factors, not only from exams, or from juggling between studies and work. Some people are able to control that state of stress, others cannot overcome it. The problem occurs when this stress becomes counterproductive. Read more!

Music in the student’s environment

Less than half of the population in France play a musical instrument. Most students nowadays acknowledge immersing themselves in a musical environment for at least two hours each day and youngest people are regular attendees at concerts and musical events.

According to an informal investigation run among the Master students this year, we’ve found that the majority of students listen to music every day when going to work. Fewer would rather listen to music at home at the end of the day. In fact, listening to music or practicing an instrument appears to be a useful means to relax, allowing students to isolate themselves before an important event or sitting an exam. Others have suggested that music stimulates their brain and brings them motivation to accomplish the tasks of the day. Read more!

The art of balancing work and studies

It is well known that the student lifestyle can be a bit of a financial struggle. In this regard many students have to work at the same time as they attempt to pass degrees. 56% of  the students who answered our survey “
balancing work and studies” that was carried out on March 17th 2017 said they worked part-time during their studies, versus 18% who work either full-time, or part-time during the holidays, whether this be during the bachelor’s or the master’s degree. Juggling between work and studies appears to be a recurring struggle of student life, the task however is finding a job that does not interfere with one’s studies. When asked what type of jobs they carry out, the survey brought forward the fact that students tend to go for ‘‘odd jobs’’ here and there, meaning taking what they can find. Retail and catering (40%) were at the top of the list, but tutoring and childcare came close behind. Students do not often have the choice of a dream job and go for what happens to be around; be it working in a bank, cleaning hotels or summer jobs; this due to the complicated task of finding jobs in other fields that accommodate to university hours. Read more!